Hi, I am Sara Marie Moore.

I’m the author and photographer behind The Spike Cream Woods and The Spice Drop Villas. The real center of attention is Ginger, my African pygmy hedgehog.

Ginger is a nocturnal mammal. She eats mealworms, berries, and cat food. At night, she runs up to three miles on her exercise wheel. During the day, she curls up in her flannel blanket to sleep. She was born on January 29, 2017, in Minnesota. (That just happens to be my birthday, too. I know, right? She was an answer to prayer. God is present in our everyday lives!)

My husband Andrew and I brought her home in March 2017. I got my first hedgehog during fourth grade in the ‘90s. Hokey Pokey taught me a lot about hedgehogs as a youth but Ginger is teaching me even more as an adult.

If the books make you interested in having a pet hedgehog, please read more about what they are like as a pet in my blog, especially the blog 10 reasons to get a hedgehog.

Don’t be dismayed if a pet hedgehog isn’t for you or your family. With The Spike Cream Woods and The Spice Drop Villas, you can enjoy the cuteness of a hedgehog every day without getting poked.




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