The Spike Cream Woods

Visit Ginger the Hedgehog in her fanciful forest, The Spike Cream Woods, where ice cream grows beneath the flowers, hedges, and trees.

The Spike Cream Woods is a book that sparks the imagination of young children. The book blends the worlds of fiction and nonfiction as Ginger, a real-life African pygmy hedgehog, explores a fictional ice cream forest created by her loving owner, Sara Marie Moore. Along the way, she joins in the creativity by making her own special treat — using a giant, real porcupine quill as her stirring spoon.

The book fosters creativity and innovation in young readers as the line between reality and imagination is blurred by non-manipulated photos and a fictional storyline.

Sara Marie Moore is both author and photographer. She is an award-winning editor of a community newspaper. Her education and background are in linguistics and preschool and elementary literacy.

The inspiration for this book began during a phonics lesson on the letter I when Sara couldn’t find a book on ice cream in the school’s library. Parents can work on early literacy skills with their children using this book by seeing how many letter I’s their child can find, and whether it has a long or short I sound.

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